Fill Construction
I use the methods in these lessons with all of my private students to teach a simpler way of Creating Fills by using words of foods to create Rhythmic patterns. It doesn’t matter if you are 4 or 94, it works!
Apple Pie Fills
Pepperoni Fills
Strawberry Coconut Fills
Pepperoni Apple Fury

More Beginner Fills
Some more Ideas for you Guys and Girls that love your Fills!
Using the Crash Cymbal in Fills
Coconuts Around the Kit
Groovy-Fill Groove (?)
Heavy Rock Fill

Intermediate Fills
At this Level, Fills are becoming more complex and interesting. We will be looking at more Triplet based Fills, Crossovers, Linear Fills (one of my favourite topics!), and a lot more!
556 RLRLL Fill
Three Stroke Linear Fill
Four Stroke Linear Fill
16th Note Linear ‘Mid-Groove’ Fill
16th Note Triplet Crossover Fill
Open Heavy Hat Fill
Disco Fill
Triplet Switch Lick
Linear 242 Fill
The ‘Luke’ – 32nd Note Linear Chop
RLRK Orchestration (Linear Chops)
332 Tom and Snare Fill
Flam RLR L Fills (Strawberry Apple)
What Are Triplets?
Rock Drummer Crash Fill
Fast Flurry Singles Fill
Triplet Kick Fill
Flash Crossover Fill
RRL,RRL,RL Tom-Hat Fill
Thomas Lang Paradiddle-Diddle Chop
Abrupt Hi-Hat Bark

Advanced Fills
In the Advanced Fills section we are going to be looking at some longer Linear Patterns and various Odd Groupings that will give your fills that extra kick of flavour.
Linear Crazy Super Around the Kit Pork Chop Fill
16th Linear Off Beat Chaos Groove
Mike Johnston Linear Variation
Linear Diddle Sizzle Groove
RLRLKK Linear ‘Ping’ Chop
Linear Alternation Fill
754 Math Fill
Gospel Crossover
556 Fill
Big Fat Linear Chop
Melodic Tom Fill
33334 Singles Chop
Hi-Hat Bark Thingy…
1 & 4 Accent Chop
Linear Crossover Fill
446 Linear Fill
16th Note Linear Fill (KRLK,RLRL)
HiHat Foot Doubles
772 RLRLRLL Fill
Busy 43333 Fill
Gospel Linear Crossover