Pop Grooves

Two Handed Hi-Hat Grooves
Here are some faster sounding grooves which use both Hands to play the Hi-Hat. Sound great and are fun to play.
Two Handed Hi-Hat Groove 1
Two Handed Hi-Hat Groove 2
Two Handed Hi-Hat Groove 3
Two Handed Hi-Hat Groove 4
Two Handed Hi-Hat Groove 5
Two Handed Hi-Hat Groove 6
Two Handed Hi-Hat Groove 7
Two Handed Hi-Hat Groove 8

Right Hand Groove Variations
The Right Hand is what usually a very inflexible part of our groove playing, and when we mess with the pattern our Right Hand plays, it can cause everything else to fall out of place. By working on some of these exercises you will learn that there is so much more our Right Hand can do in a groove, other than just keep time.
Hi-Hat Groove Variation (Coconut)
Off Beat Accent Groove
Off Beat Groove Variations
Simple Linear Groove 1
Bell Ride Pattern
Right Hand Polyrhythm (332)

More Beginner Grooves
Once you feel comfortable with the Grooves from the Beginners Course, Try some of these Grooves to expand your Groove Vocabulary.
Elevator Music Groove
Disco Groove
6/8 Grooves
Pre-Shuffle Lesson (Basic 6/8)
Basic Shuffle Groove
Shuffle Kick Variation
Off-Beat Open Hats

Bass Drum Independence Grooves
Get your Right Foot playing in between Hi-Hat notes with these Intermediate Grooves. Doing this enables you to enter a new world of Bass Drum possibilities which will help you play faster, sound better and really get your audience dancing!
Hard Rock Rhythms 1
Hard Rock Rhythms 2
Hard Rock Rhythms 3
Hard Rock Rhythms 4
Hard Rock Rhythms 5
Bass Drum Independence Groove
Busy Bass-Drum Groove
Alt Hat-Kick Groove
‘Kick up the Back-Beat’ Groove
Syncopated Kick Groove
6/8 Easy Groove Tricky Kick
6/8 Kick and Ghost Variation
Two Quick Kicks Groove
Ska Groove

Left Hand Independence Grooves (Ghost Notes)
Ghost notes are quieter notes that Fill out a groove. I like to think of them like seasoning on food, a meal can still be nice plain, but the odd bit of spice here and there can make all the difference.
Busy Backbeat Groove
Off Beat Snare Groove
Automatic Ghost Notes
6/8 Automatic Ghost Note Groove
6/8 Ghost and Kick Variation
Fat-Tom Backbeat Groove
Ghost and Kick ‘In Betweenie’ Groove
Diddled Auto Ghost Notes

Groove In Different Styles and Odd Time Signatures
Reggae Groove
Funk Groove
Skip Kick Hip-Hop/ RnB Groove
How to Play in 5/8 Time
10/16 Odd Time Signature Groove
Linear Swung Funk Groove

Intermediate Linear Grooves
Linear Off Beat Groove
Linear RLRK Crossover Groove

Advanced Grooves
Here we have some Grooves that incorporate many of the techniques and patterns learnt in the Beginner and Intermediate sections, but now with many of them happening at the same time.
Up-Beat Linear Groove
Linear Mini-Bell Groove
Super Sexy Sizzle Groove
Advanced Benny Greb Rim Groove
Syncopated Funk Groove
6/8 Syncopated Groove
Benny Greb Style Groove
Off Beat Hi-Hat Groove
Bouncy Triplet Groove
The Windscreen Wiper
Killer Right Hand Groove
Dex’s Crazy Kick Groove
Advanced Groove
Linear ‘Grill’ (Groove + Fill)
Rims and Diddles (16th Linear Groove)
Tom Kick Alternation Groove

Double Bass Drumming (Two Kick Drums or a Double Pedal)
Imagine only being able to use one hand to play the Snare Drum! How limiting that would be. That is what we commonly do with the Bass Drum, so by using a double bass pedal or two bass drums, we open up a whole new world of creativity on the Largest Drum on the Drum kit.
Double Bass Grooves (16th Notes Part 1/3)
Double Bass Drumming (16th Notes Part 2/3)
Double Bass Drumming (16th Notes Part 3/3)
Double Kick 16th Note Triplet Fill
Syncopated 16th Double Bass Groove 1
Syncopated 16th Double Bass Groove 2
Syncopated 16th Double Bass Groove 3
Syncopated 16th Double Bass Groove 4
Syncopated 16th Double Bass Groove 5
Syncopated 16th Double Bass Groove 6
Syncopated 16th Double Bass Groove 7