Basic Independence
Are you good at multitasking? As we use both of our Arms and Legs to play the Drums, anything we do to get them working Independently will help the other parts of our Playing too. These Independence Exercises are designed to find combinations that will push your Independence bit by bit.
Basic Independence – Reverse Singles Over Singles
Basic Independence – Doubles Over Singles
Basic Independence – Paradiddle Over Singles
Hi-Hat Foot Coordination Part 1 (On The Beat)
Hi-Hat Foot Coordination Part 2 (Off Beats)
Hi-Hat Foot Coordination Part 3 (8th Notes)
Busy Feet Groove (Free Your Right Hand!)
Hand Foot Groove Alternation

An Ostinato is simply a repetitive phrase, which we play something else against in order to build our vocabulary on the Drums. Give it a go, it changed the way I think about Drums.
Introduction to Ostinatos
Right Hand Ostinato
Ostinato Groove Variation
Polyrhythmic Ostinato
Moody-Tom Ostinato Groove

Intermediate Coordination
Left Hand Freedom
Off Beat Hi-Hat Challenge

Using more Pedals
Our Hands can play all over our drum kit, choosing between Toms, Cymbals and the Snare, so imagine being able to do the same with the feet, choosing which sound to play with your Right and Left foot.
Introduction to Multi-Pedal Orchestrations (Six Pedal Foot Ostinato)
RLL played under a Double Paradiddle