Tricks, Licks and Other Bits

Beginner Licks
A ‘Lick’ is just a phrase or idea that you can implement into your playing wherever you want. Here’s a few to get you started!
3 Notes ‘Down The Stairs’ Lick
One Stick / Two Sounds
Stick-on Stick Grooving

Intermediate Licks
Rock Intro Lick
Bigger Rock Intro
Stepped Hi-Hat Lick
Funky 4-Note Groove Lick
Exploring RLL
Odd Resolutions (Groups of 3)
Odd Resolutions (Groups of 5)
Odd Resolutions (Groups of 7)
Fast Double Stroke Sweep (with Baby!)
Ghost Echoes

Advanced Licks
Cross Stick Kick Lick
Benny Greb Flam Lick
Fake Double Kick Lick (Alternating Singles)
Grooving with 5’s

Tips and Advice
A few Drumming tips that may help you!
Cymbal Choking Part 1
Cymbal Choking Part 2 (One Handed)
Left Hand Grooving
How To Play Big Fat Rim Shots
Cymbal Keyholes

Stick Tricks
Whilst not essential, Stick Tricks can look cool and make a drummer so much more interesting to look at, this is Show Business after all!
The Fake Twirl
The Real Twirl
Stick Trick Practice Game
Stick Tricks Whilst Drumming
Beginner Groove / Advanced Tricks
Back Sticking