Rudiments And Technique

Rudiments, Accents and Stickings
If you are an Painter you have your brushes, if you are a Tennis player you have your Tennis Racket, if you are a Jedi you have your Lightsaber. You are now a Drummer, and your sticks are the tools you will use to express yourself. Rudiments are the Building Blocks of Drumming and will enable you to do things with your sticks that you can’t do by just playing Right, Left, Right, Left.
Hand Warm-up: The 1234321
Flam Theory (Make a BIG Sound)
Sticking Challenge | Double Paradiddle (Accents on 1 & 4)
Sticking Challenge | Double Paradiddle (Accents on 1 & 3)
Sticking Challenge | Swiss Triplet Combo
Sticking Challenge | Double Strokes and Single Accents
Sticking Challenge | The Turn-Around
Sticking Challenge | Flam Combo
Single Stroke Roll
Double Stroke Roll
Single Paradiddle
The Flam
Double Paradiddle
The ParaDiddle-Diddle 

Hand Technique
Finger Speed – How To Play Faster

The Slide Technique
The Slide Technique is a foot Technique that enables you to get two notes on the bass drum in quick succession. VERY useful.
The Slide Technique
Slide Technique Application Exercise
Slide Technique Double Strokes
5-Stroke Slide Fill
Every Drummer Should Learn This Groove!

Rudimental Grooves and Fills
Grooves and Fills that use Rudiments in them. They sound way cooler in Grooves than on a pad, and make your Drumming sound so much more interesting than if you were to just use RLRL all the time.

Creative Double Strokes
Paradiddle Groove
Diddle-Diddle-Kick Lick (5-stroke roll variation)
4-Strokes Down the Stairs
Triplet Paradiddle Lick
Drag-Hat Groove
Half-Paradiddle Groove Lick
Triplet Diddle HiHat Lick
Tony Royster Jr. Groove Lick
Paradiddle Orchestration (Applied Paradiddle)
Paradiddle-Diddle Groove
Applied 5 Strokes in Groove and Fills
Drags to the Bass Drum
Fast 5-Stroke Fill
5-Stroke Hat Splash Lick
Hi-Hat Paradiddle-diddle Groove
Paradiddle Kick Groove
Double Stroke Seasoning
Applied 4-Strokes
Applied Para-Diddle-Diddles in Grooves and Fills
Applied Paraiddles in Grooves and Fills
Applied Flam Theory
6-Stroke Fill Of Fury
RLLRRL – Grooving with 6-Strokes
Paradiddle-Diddle Cross-Stick