Private Drum Lessons

Dex offers one-to-one tuition on the Drums.

Dex aims to keep lessons Fun, Flexible and Educational for all ages, and teaches with two fully equipped Drum kits, one for him to demonstrate from, and the other for the student, meaning the student spends the entire lesson at the drum kit. Dex can teach you everything from holding your sticks and playing your first groove, all the way to playing to your favourite songs, soloing, advanced co-ordination and beyond! Dex has experience playing a huge variety of styles and has the knowledge, materials and resources to help students play the type of music they want.

Dex is at the forefront of technology using both Electronic and Acoustic drums and equipment, giving the student a huge insight into how modern technology is used in the music industry today. Therefore along with learning how to play the drums, each student will get technical experience using modern technology. This includes being recorded in a studio environment and playing with a metronome, skills which equip the student readying them for wherever they want to take their drumming, be it playing for fun, playing with other musicians in bands, playing in front of an audience, and even taking their drumming on as a career. Dex also offers drum tuition specially designed to enter students for RSL and Trinity Graded Exams.

Dex is dedicated to studying and improving himself as a Drummer, he was a Finalist in the UK Roland V-Drums Championship, and now loves sharing the things he has learned with every student, and can’t wait to help you on your own drumming journey. Feel free to get in touch via the Contact page.

30 Minute Lesson: £16.00
60 Minute Lesson: £32.00

Group Tuition discount is also available, so say if you and a friend, or two of your children would like to learn together at the same time, it will be the same price as for one. You pay for the time spent learning, not for the number of people having the lesson.

Dex also offers Skype lessons, it works the same as Private lessons, except you get to stay at home and see and communicate with Dex via webcam. More information can be found by Clicking Here.